Spring Beach Day!

“Don’t grow up too quickly, lest you forget how much you love the beach.”  — Michelle Held

I love having time off to spend with Lilly….even though she does exhaust me.  Her grandma came to drop her off yesterday morning and she burst into the house and announced that she had decided to call me “Grandma” instead of “Amy”.  On Monday she was trying out “Honey” but I guess that didn’t work for her……lol!  So all day she switched between Grandma & Amy.

Yesterday we decided to  head out to the beach even though it wasn’t a spectacular weather day.  There was cloud cover with peeks of sun and lots of haze but the temperatures were warm, the winds light and the water at a decent temperature!!! Seaweed was mostly gone too and the water was very clear. 

Silly me thought we could just go play in the sand but of course it took Lilly .5 seconds to ‘accidentally’ fall into the water and once she was wet it seemed pointless to fight the tide.

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So we spent a couple of hours playing in the surf and getting soaking wet & sand covered in the process.  Even me!She got to run off lots of energy and had a blast doing it!  I found listening to the surf relaxing.  It was a great time!


I was surprised how many people were already at the beach and playing in the water.  It was fine for wading but I”m pretty sure it would have been awfully chilly if you got totally wet! 

Needless once we got to the house the first order of business was a hot shower to clean up.  My shower looked like a sandbox by the time she was done! 🙂

After we got her all cleaned up she wanted to bake some cookies……so we whipped up a batch of oatmeal raisin cookies.  Yummy!!  Lilly loves to help cook!

She went outside to help Grandpa cut the grass in the backyard and ended up making friends with a little grey kitten to lives at the house where Rascal and MommaCat came from originally.  We made her drop the cat because we are NOT taking anymore kittens here.  (Even if he was simply adorable and has the loudest purr I have heard in a long time………..no….no more cats……no we aren’t naming him……no!)

Then she told Popo again how it was simply an ‘accident’ that she got all wet.  Really completely an accident.  Lol!

Grandma finally came to pick her up and I collapsed in exhaustion.  (As a side note Lilly always arrives at the house with her hair immaculately done and goes home looking like she lives at an orphanage……lol.  I haven’t done a little girls hair in a long, long time.)  I love that little girl but she sure can wear me out.  My back is soooo sore from picking her up and tossing her all over the beach.

Lilly is here again today (Once she heard that I was available this week for babysitting she nixed the idea of going to school.)  and has big plans to wear me out again.  Not to mention I’m having a tough time getting done the things I actually planned to do this week…..important stuff like take naps, clean out the fridge, organize the closets….did I mention take naps?  But it’s ok because I’m having a blast with her.

Oh and welcome to Lent everyone.  Have a wonderful Wednesday!

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One thought on “Spring Beach Day!

  1. Kicky

    Nice sock tan.

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