Happy Fat Tuesday!

Happy Fat Tuesday or Pancake Day or Paczki Day!  Whatever you call today and however you celebrate it I hope it’s a great one!  This morning is cloudy, damp and drizzley…..yuck.  I’m hoping it clears up soon!

Lilly is in town this week to give her Mom a break and has specifically requested spending time with me (Well, and her grandpa of course).  Yesterday we went to the park together and had a lot of fun!  She played on everything and made friends with some other little girls who came over to the park with their mom.  Lilly certainly takes after her Grandpa in the outgoing department. 

Lilly also helped us open up the trailer last evening and get it ready for our camping trip.  She spent the whole time asking incessantly if she could come camping with us.  And she wants to sleep with Grandpa and Grandma Amy.  And can she come with us?  Huh?  Can she?  Why not?  Please? When? Can she go with us now? 

Lol……too bad it looks like we have company this trip anyway.  Plus having her along wouldn’t make for a very relaxing trip.  (I’m pretty sure it would mean no cocktails as well) But we did promise to take her camping with us sometime….maybe when we go to the lake.

Edward has to be out of town one night this week and has threatened to have Lilly spend the night with me so I don’t get ‘lonely’…….yeah I’m kinda looking forward to having the bed all to myself for one night. 🙂 But only one night…..I’ll miss my baby too much for any longer.

Well, it’s a busy day today.  Lilly will be over again later and wants to bake cookies.  And she wants to make sure we celebrate PANCAKE DAY!!!!!   Better get busy!

Have a great Fat Tuesday!

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