A Dog Named Beau

We were asked Friday evening if we would dog sit for Beau because Edward, Rosie and the boys were going to Houston for a tee ball tournament. 

I had some reservations…..mostly how the cats would react. I was fairly certain that there would be bloodsheed.  I only hoped it wouldn’t be from Edward and I when the cats ganged up on us in the middle of the night.

Edward and Emilio brought Beau over and Emilio was very talkative about his dog.  The cats…..well, they were a bit standoffish to say the least.  MommaCat reacted the best, she just stayed on the sofa and looked.  Beau tried to lay with Spooky and she puffed up and hissed.  But Rascal freaked out.  He is the most timid of all of our cats.

The first twelve hours were rough.  I was ready to pay to board Beau myself.  He is a beagle so had to smell everything and it was like he was on doggie uppers.  He destroyed one of their toys.  He ate crayons. The cats were a mess, hissing and growling at every turn.  Beau for his part just wanted to play with them.  Needless to say no one got a lot of sleep on Friday night.  (And Beau snores!  Bad!!!  Really, Really Bad!!!!)

Saturday morning a cold front blew through with wind, thunder and rain. Our temperatures dropped 15 degrees in about 30 minutes.  We needed the rain and the thunder was something we haven’t heard in a while.

 Everyone seemed to be getting along better with the daylight.  So much so that Beau and I even took a nap in the morning while we waited for the storms to pass.  Around noon we headed out on a nice walk as the skies cleared.  It turned out to be a really lovely day.

We walk 3.3 miles and Beau enjoyed it.  (Most likely one of my last walks of the spring in long pants)  Although it is tough walking with a dog who wants to stop and smell at ever pole, stick and fence.  I spend most of the walk saying “And we’re walking…..not smelling”!  At home the cats were calming down and everyone seemed happier. 

 Beau became attached to my hip and was happy as long as I was in the room.  If I went out of his presence he would start to cry.  Edward said he couldn’t believe how fast Beau got attached to me…..lol.  What can I say….I’m just so darn loveable!

  The cats were very unhappy that he kept insisting on eating all of their food.  Why do dogs like to eat cat food so much?????  The cats had no interest in the dogs food at all.  As an added bonus eating the cat food gave him some really obnoxious gas.  It was disgusting.

By Sunday we found a rhythm and a routine.  Beau even started to play outside with the golden retriever next door.  The cats were calmed down and everyone was happy again.  Rascal was coming home for breakfast over the back fence and the dog was in the yard.  He waited on the fence until I went out and carried him inside.

The weather was fantastic with cool temperatures and not a cloud in the sky.  Beau and I took a four mile walk down to some wet lands and explored. He found lots of stuff to smell and look at.   On the way home he was worn out….at one point he laid down on the ground and refused to move until I let him rest a little.  Once he rested up I gave him a bath and he crashed for a long nap!

By Sunday evening even Rascal had made a type of peace with Beau.  He still didn’t like it if the dog got too close but they could be in the same room without hissing. 

He is a good dog and will a great pet for the boys. He is energetic, friendly, smart and eager to please.  He is going to demand some training and plenty of exercise but he is going to be a good addition to their family. But this did re-enforce for me exactly why we do not have a dog. 

And the Sandcrabs won their tournament as well!  Congrats to them!!!!

The family got here about 9 pm last night to take him home.  The boys were very excited to see their dog.  Beau was excited to see them too…..at least for a while but eventually he was over laying on my lap again.

So Beau went home late last night……the house is much, much quieter today.  Edward said he thought Beau should come over every weekend because he keeps me so busy….yeah I don’t think so.

So it’s another Monday and another really pretty day outside. We can’t wait for the week to wrap  up so we can head off camping this weekend!  Hopefully the weather will be nice.

Have a great Monday!

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