Joyful Weekend

Do you know why grandchildren are always so full of energy?  They suck it out of their grandparents.  ~Gene Perret


I smiled and laughed a lot this weekend.  Any weekend where you can say that is a great weekend! 

The fog on Friday burned off to a beautiful day!  I walked on the bayfront and then had to pick up Vanessa and the girls after she dropped off her car at the shop.  (As a side note I added some jogging to my walk and I didn’t even die!!!!!……This getting in shape thing is working!)  As I suspected Lilly wanted to come home with me and spend the day.   We got home around noon and Lillyanna spent the rest of the day running me ragged!  And I enjoyed every single second of it!

We walked to a park around the corner from our house since it was such a lovely day.  She ran me all over that playground!  Then after running she wanted me to carry her home.  We came home for drawing pictures and reading books. Lilly even showed me how she can write her name and is starting to be able to read the time on a clock. 

My favorite part of the day was when I went to the garage to put some clothes in the dryer and I heard Lilly yelling…..”AMY….I LOVE YOU!!!!!” 

 I made her favorite meal for lunch AND dinner…..pancakes!  Of course she had to do some work by helping me vacuum and wash the dishes.  It was a very nice day.   Her mom came and picked her up around 8 pm which gave me just enough time to jump in the shower before Edward got home.  I will say I was pretty tired by the time she left.

We grabbed a quick bite to eat and headed over to Politics to help celebrate a friend’s birthday.  It was a full crowd and we actually got to see lots of people we hadn’t seen in a while.  A fun evening filled with margaritas and laughter.   

Saturday morning we woke up to cloudy skies and drizzle….again.  Edward went to football and I walked 3.3 miles in the yuck.  On the bright side I didn’t get overly warm and my racoon face didn’t get any worse.  🙂  Although for a while I thought I needed windshield wipers for my eyes.   Finally I arrived home and I did some errands.

Edward came and brought a guest with him…….Lillyanna!  Edward says that I am her favorite toy and she couldn’t stay away!  Then we had to run to Edward & Rosie’s house to help them move in a new washer and dryer.  I got to meet the new puppy Beau.  Lillyanna thought the puppy jumped and scratched a little too much.   After we finished it was off to McDonalds to get Lilly some lunch.

By the time we got home Vanessa was at the house with Guilianna and I started filling up my baby snuggle bank.  What a little doll that baby is! Her fingernails are just sooooo teeny tiny and she has the smallest most delicate ears I have ever seen.  Just like a miniature doll.  Lilly was pretty accepting of me holding the baby but still wanted me to sit with her at the table, color and read her books.  When she heard us talking about going camping she said she wanted to come along too!!!

Guilianna slept in my arms for hours.  She eventually woke up and I snapped a couple of quick pictures of her with her eyes open. (It’s not easy taking pictures of a baby in your arms with one hand!)   It’s the first time we have seen her awake since right after she was born.   I even gave her a bottle.  I did pass on changing her diaper though. 😉 Oh and Guilianna’s car seat even has apples on it……simply adorable!

Lilly was playing on the floor with all of our wine corks again.  She likes to ‘cook’ with them……lol.  On Saturday night she ‘made’ popcorn, fried chicken and soup.   It makes for an interesting background in the pictures… 

I was sad to give up the baby to Vanessa so that they could go home but eventually she was pried out of my arms.  After Vanessa and the girls went home Edward and I put a turkey in the smoker and headed off to bed.  Smiling all the way.

Sunday is our favorite day of the week because we get to sleep in!  Spooky usually makes it until about 7 am before she has to check to see if we are ever getting up.  The turkey was finished and smelled fabulous.  Sunday was very, very windy so I decided in light of that and my sore knee it would be a rest day from walking.

I made our traditional Sunday breakfast of fried potatoes, eggs & a pork chop and we were lazy for a while.  In the afternoon we had to go set up the booth for Edward’s trade show this week.  Then we went to Academy where my honey got me some new workout clothes so I don’t have to wash every single day.  (Isn’t he the sweetest thing ever?)

Sunday just flew by and it seemed like it was over in an instant.   We didn’t get everything done this weekend that we wanted too, not by a long shot.  Oh well, there is always next weekend!

This mornings cold front finally arrived about the time our alarm went off. Weather should be much improved this afternoon so it should be a great day.   I’m off for an early walk/run in my new workout clothes!  Have a great Monday!

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