Foggy F R I D A Y ! ! ! !

Weekends don’t count unless you spend them doing something completely pointless.  ~Bill Watterson


It is yet another damp, wet, super foggy morning in Texas.  I swear I prefer ice cold weather over this yuck!  We had to turn on the air conditioner last night for a while just to dry out the house a little bit. The front door of the wine chiller is just full of condensation.  I caught MommaCat licking the water off of it.    The fog is already starting to lift this morning so hopefully we will have a nice weekend.

But at any rate it is finally Friday!  Wooohooooo!!!  I’m looking forward to this weekend! 

Last evening turned out to be chock full of errands and running around town.  Edward and I started at the grocery store…..always our favorite place to go…  But the kitchen is now fully stocked, at least for a couple of days. 

Since there were more errands to run we decided to grab a quick bite at a new super buffet that has opened in the neighborhood.  They had a huge selection of food and one could make fairly healthy choices there so it can stay on the list.

Then we went and got most of the stuff for the Grandkids Easter baskets.  I KNOW!   Weeks and weeks a head of time!  But we found adorable baskets and decided to buy them now instead of run the risk that they would sell out.  We got the bubbles, coloring books and trinkets to go inside of them.  All that’s left is to get some candy, a book for Lillyanna and something for Giulianna’s basket.  Since she really wouldn’t get a lot out of candy and coloring books yet.

Finally we went to Wal-Mart to buy a new bicycle.  Edward looked so cute taking it for a spin around the parking lot!  Now we are all ready for our camping trip next month.   I told Edward if gas prices keep going up like they have been I may be using the bicycle for all our errands.

Tonight we will be getting together to celebrate a friends birthday at Politics.  YAY!  I’m going to have a few margaritas!  🙂  I haven’t had any in ages so I’m a little excited.  I probably shouldn’t have too many or I will be hurting on Saturday morning.

Tomorrow Vanessa is supposed to bring the girls over and both Edward and I are looking forward to it.  We saw some new pictures of Giulianna on Thursday night at the football banquet and it looks like she has grown a ton already.   

Then Sunday Edward and I have the whole day to ourselves.  🙂  We are going to put a turkey in the smoker…..yummmy!  Edward wants to open up the trailer since we haven’t used it since late summer.  I’m sure it will need a cleaning. 

Time to get today started……….plenty to get done.  Plus I have to figure out what to wear tonight.  Have a great weekend!

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