Foggy Wednesday

“Hope is definitely not the same thing as optimism. It is not the conviction that something will turn out well, but the certainty that something makes sense, regardless of how it turns out.”

— Václav Havel

It is foggy this morning even at our house!  Still nice and warm but that sea fog is thick!  I love fog when I’m safe at home but I don’t enjoy it much when I have to drive in it.  Walking in it is kind of fun though!

A few houses away from us lives a white cat who we call ‘Whitey” (Yep, we are super original but have since found out his name is really ‘Casper’).  Spooky used to hate Whitey with a passion but over the past few months she has started to mellow out and doesn’t attack him any more. Oh, she doesn’t like him but she tolerates him.

Well, over the past few weeks Whitey has started to make clear his intention to move in here.  He was showing up each morning at the front door to ask for breakfast until he figured out that the patio door worked better.  He could sit there and look inside and make us feel bad until we gave him something to eat too.  Sadly, Whitey isn’t neutered so he isn’t really allowed inside the house much because we are afraid he will spray. 

If the front window is open he stands outside the screen and meows. 

Last evening I was sick of letting the girls in and out every two minutes so the patio door was open a bit when I heard the jingle of his little bell.  He came waltzing into the kitchen like he owned the place and headed directly for the food bowl.

Later in the evening I went to get all the ‘kids’ in and Rascal & Mommacat came running. I heard another cat sprinting across the backyard and figured it was Spooky on her way in……nope……here was Whitey running breakneck to try to come make himself at home. 

I sure feel guilty every time I close the door in his face and he sits there and looks at me.  I know he would rather be living here in Cat Nirvana with us but he has a perfectly nice house just a few yards away.

Weigh in it today and we will have to miss Weight Watchers tonight because of a schedule conflict.  😦   But I showed a -.2 on the scale this morning.  Not fantastic but I’ll take it.

Time to head out and get stuff done.  Have a great hump day!!

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