There’s A New Apple In Our Family!

Yesterday was the most special Valentine’s Day I have ever had.  Everything fell into place and Edward and I created some special memories.  And I fell in love with the most adorable baby.

Vanessa went into the hospital early yesterday morning to have her labor induced and we had been receiving updates all day. 

The weather was fabulous so I fit in a nice walk earning lots of AP’s for dinner.  Then Edward came home from work and surprised me with roses for me and a new ring.  🙂   He bought me new walking shoes on Saturday so I wasn’t expecting anything else so it was a sweet surprise.  I am pretty lucky!

Then we went to Niko’s Steakhouse for dinner.  We got a status update on Vanessa before eating and we knew it might be a few more hours.  She was pretty worn out but finally resting.

Niko’s wasn’t accepting reservations so the wait was at least an hour.  To pass the time we got a couple of mojitos and staked out a place at the bar.  Suddenly two seats came open and as we were sitting down the people next to us asked if we were waiting for a table.  They had been waiting for a while and finally just eaten at the bar and their table was now ready and said we could have their place.  (I said I hoped this didn’t end like it did in “Date Night”)  So we took their table and sat down to a leisurely meal.

It was very busy but we still had a nice meal.  By the way…….even after we finished dinner our table still wasn’t ready.  So we were really thankful for those kind strangers!

We finished and were walking to the truck when we got the call that Baby Guiliana had arrived moments before.  7 lb 1 oz and 21 inches long! We were just a couple of minutes away so we headed to the hospital to welcome our new apple!

Vanessa was still in labor and delivery so we had to take turns visiting.  When it was my turn they put tiny Guilianna in my arms and I held her close.  She stared into my eyes and cooed at me……..and I feel deeply in love!  Head over heels in love. It’s been a while since I’ve held a newborn and it sure felt nice.

She looks exactly like LillyAnna did when she was born even though GuiliAnna is a full pound heavier. Just a precious little baby.

LillyAnna arrived at the hospital and was so anxious to meet ‘her baby’.  She had to wait until they were moved to the postpartum unit and every time they came through with a baby she asked…..what about THAT one????? 

Edward and I went home after greeting the baby, opened a bottle of wine, toasted the day and finished off the evening loving each other.  I couldn’t have asked for a more special wonderful day.

So today we will be back at the hospital to see the baby again.  Life is good today.

Very, very good!  Being in love is a pretty wonderful thing!

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