Oh What A Beautiful Morning!

After all of the c-c-c-cold weather last week it was a delight to wake up on Saturday morning to clear skies and quickly rising temperatures.  I opened the windows of the house before 11 am and let the warm breeze blow through!

Last week was hard on my 1,000 mile walking challenge so I had to make up many miles this weekend.  I walked almost 10 miles over the weekend.  It was one of those rare weekends when the weather was completely perfect for walking outside so I didn’t mind at all.  I walked both days from our house down the Laguna Madre and a bit along Laguna Shores.  It’s one advantage to a road being closed due to construction.  I was a little sore last evening but nothing too terrible.   I did however manage to get a nice sunburn on my face.

Ed’s DIL was released from the hospital on Friday evening and is home to finish her recovery.  We asked if she was going to post pictures of her scar on Facebook but she declined…..lol.  Still no baby yet……we are patiently waiting.  At the most just another week to go.

MommaCat & Rascal showing how they like to pre-stake out their spots on the bed.

Well that is about it for this morning…..I have an appointment to get ready for and several more miles to fit in walking at some point.  I’m really glad that the sun is going down later and later. 🙂

Have a wonderful Monday!!!!

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