Walking In An Icey Wonderland

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Happy Friday!

This is a special kind of Friday.  We are having an iced in Friday at home…..since this happens once every quarter of a century it’s very special.  We didn’t get any snow (booooo!) but we did get plenty of ice.

Edward made it home from the valley less than an hour before the fun all started and we were very glad that he did.  As soon as the freezing rain started accidents were reported all over the city.  Since this storm wasn’t a surprise I was amazed at how many people had to be out on the roadways.

Boy, how did we ever enjoy storms before Facebook and Twitter????? Lol!    We all snuggled in and kept up with everything online.  When we climbed into bed we could hear the sleet banging on the windows.  That’s not something we hear often.

We slept in a little this morning and got up to take a few pictures and admire how pretty everything looks covered in ice.  It was beautiful outside.  I will say that you do not want to be walking under our palm trees right now because ice chunks are falling left and right!

Major highways and bridges are going to be closed until tomorrow they say so it will be nice day to be at home.  Safe, sound and warm.  🙂

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2 thoughts on “Walking In An Icey Wonderland

  1. Kicky

    OMG.. what cool pics!!

  2. Kicky

    No tribute to The Pack??

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