Happy Monday!!

It is another glorious day outside.  I plan to enjoy every minute of it until the weather turns yucky mid-week. (They said we might even have a rain/snow mixtures on Wednesday or Thursday……Ugh!!!!  Time to find something for the oven!)

We had a nice weekend….nothing too amazing or fantastic but we got to spend lots of time together, watch several movies and see the grandkids so it was nice. I fit in plenty of miles walking as well!  Yeah me!!!!!

Since we are focused on our diets eating in is the order of the day.  It’s easier to count points that way.  Friday evening we watch the movie “Inception”.  I really enjoyed it even though it was a movie you had to pay close attention too. 

Winter football started Saturday for CCYFL so Edward was busy all day.  I got to spend time cleaning house, doing laundry and walking. (Yippie?)   By the time he got home that evening Edward was tired so I made a steak dinner and we watched “The Town”.   It was a relaxing evening.  I always look forward to Sunday mornings because it is the one day of the week when we don’t have to wake up early.  And we can stay in bed as late as we want. 😉

Sunday afternoon we went over to Alice because Vanessa & David needed a little help assembling the baby’s crib and armoire.  I hadn’t gotten to spend much time with Lilly so it was great to go over.

Their new puppy has grown so much since Christmas and Lilly is dragging it all over kingdom come.  She was in a very bossy mood and spent the whole time we were at the house telling me exactly how to play with her and the puppy….lol.  Do this, stand here, don’t move, stay still……..she was full of ideas.

Once furniture construction was finished we went over to the baseball field where Little Edward was playing in the championship game of his t-ball tournament.  It was 82 and hot in the sun!  Lilly ran around little a crazy child the whole game, I wish I had that child’s energy!

Little Edward and the Sandcrabs played a good game in the end they were defeated by their archenemy Bisquits. 

Vanessa has an appointment with the doctor today.  She is hoping that he will agree to induce her labor sometime this week.  We are anxious for the new baby to arrive too but not nearly as anxious as she is.  She is very uncomfortable and has been having contractions for weeks now. 

But no matter what we will get to meet Guilianna sometime very soon.  🙂

So that’s it for this morning. I have a project to finish this morning so I suppose I should get started on it……….can you sense my excitement?  Well, at least I don’t have jury duty like Edward.

Have a great Monday!

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