My Cats Crack Me Up

I swear MommaCat is part dog.  She has taken to keeping track of the goings on outside the windows and growling at anything that she doesn’t like.

I was just sitting on the sofa with her beside me and she started to growl.  Apparently she didn’t like the man walking by our house on the sidewalk.  Now she is firmly planted in the front window looking back and forth just like a guard dog.  You know if someone broke into our house they might have to contend with her…….lol.  I feel so much safer with her around!  🙂

My Mommacat loves me sooooo much and really has the sweetest temperment of any of our cats so watching her growl at strangers makes me giggle.

Have a good evening.

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One thought on “My Cats Crack Me Up

  1. Kicky

    I guess I’m lucky she let me near you.

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