Brisky Friday

Brrrrrrrrrrrrrr!  It’s another chilly day here in South Texas.  On the bright side the sun in out but it’s still a chilly one.  Looks like my walking will be inside today since I have little ambition to go out any more than necessary. 

Last night was Weight Watcher night.  I lost 3.8 lbs which is awesome especially since we had company this last week and ate and drank (mostly drank) with abandon.  We did also walk a ton so that must have helped.  The only sad thing is that I am still up +.4 from the weigh in two weeks ago but hopefully I have turned the corner and the weight will start dropping.

I am so envious of people who drop 3 or 5 or 10 lbs and say they can see a difference in their clothes or their bodies.  I can’t see any difference in myself until I have lost lost 25 lbs or so.  Sigh, oh well, it will come.  But I believe that my compulsive walking will help.  I know my legs feel stronger and I feel healthy.  So I’ll keep on keeping on.

After weigh in we went to Montana Mike’s for dinner.  We had a terrible dinner there a few weeks ago and after complaining they sent us a gift card that we used.  Our experience this time was totally different.  Our waitress Lyndsy was great and the GM bent over backwards to make sure that we were happy.  It was a delightful dinner. 

After dinner we stopped by the grocery store for provisions for the next few cold days (I hate having to go to the grocery store in the cold).  I picked up what we needed and got into a checkout line before I realized I was behind Ed’s sister Liz…  So we got to chat for a few minutes before it was our turn.

Then it was home to get warm and relax.  Another great end to another great day. 

This is going to be a pretty quiet weekend here.  Tonight I am making chili for dinner……yummy!  Edward has to work both days so I will get to clean house and amuse myself (translation:  take long naps).  I do need to find the perfect baby shower gift for Vanessa before the shower on Sunday in Alice……oh I guess no nap on Sunday. 

Ok, time to head out and brave the cold.  Have a great weekend!

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2 thoughts on “Brisky Friday

  1. Kicky

    I want to hear all about Leslie.

  2. Kicky

    How are we doing on miles? I did a 4 mile round with Leslie this AM.. definitely on the mend.

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