☺Long Weekends ☺

Mighty proud I am that I am able to have a spare bed for my friends.  ~Samuel Pepys

Well it’s back at it after a nice long weekend.

♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ Our Wisconsin friend Vicky came to see us!!!  We love having company and we really love when Vicky comes.  We always have such a good time when she is here!! She is the best, so adorable, funny, engaging, encouraging and as an added bonus likes the same wines that I do!!  ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

The weather has been dreary and overcast and basically yucky for over a week.  I had promised Vicky warm weather but I wasn’t really able to deliver on it.  Although, it was still warmer than she has at home!  🙂 

Friday evening we went to the movies and saw ‘The Fighter”.  It was a really good movie even if there was an awful lot of boxing in it…..lol.  Since it was a so wet out the theatre was crowded.   Saturday was a WET lazy day at home.  There wasn’t much to do and it was difficult to get up the motivation to do anything.  We did manage to go out for a late dinner to Laguna Reef and watch some of the football game but beyond that were relaxed at home.

Sunday morning we all went to brunch at Water Street……mmmm!  And since the rain was gone so Vicky and I could get in lots of walking.  I made a shrimp boil for dinner that was fantastic!  There may have been a little bit of wine consumed as well….. 😉 

Monday Edward headed to work and Vicky and I went down to the bayfront for a nice 4 mile walk.  Afterwards we came home to shower and then went to PF Changs for lunch before her flight.  Yummmy!!!!!

Then it was off to the airport……

We pulled up, gave hugs and said fairwell….. 😦  And I went  home.

I hadn’t been home more than 15 minutes when I saw Edward’s truck pull into the driveway. He same inside and chatted for a couple of minutes and then the doorbell rang.  I went to answer it and there was VICKY!!!!  I was very confused!  Lol.  She said the look on my face was priceless! 

She got to the counter to check in and the clerk told her that she wasn’t going anywhere because of a snowstorm that had cancelled her flight to O’Hare. So we got another “Act Of God” vacation night. Since we had the time we had another walk for a total of 7.5 miles on Monday!  We rock!!!!  Then we made a quick trip to the store for more wine (Of course!) and had a fantastic evening.  (Final wine tally……5 bottles……..lol) 

 We had a really great time on our bonus night!  There was plenty of stories and laughing. 

This morning everyone was up before 4 am so that we could get her back to the airport.  This time I didn’t leave until we knew that she could fly out.  So…..fingers crossed that she gets home safe and sound and her car isn’t buried under too much snow.

That means that today I’m back to walking all alone.  <Sniff, Sniff>  It was so wonderful to have her visit and we have great memories to hold us until we get together again!

Happy Tuesday!!

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5 thoughts on “☺Long Weekends ☺

  1. Kicky

    I loved every minute of my vacation with you! You and Edward are the best of the best hosts in the world. Good food, good company, plenty of laughs and wine.. and lots of walking. Really really perfect.

    You guys are the best couple. You fit together like PB and J! I miss you already.

  2. Edward

    It was seven (7) bottles of wine ! Four the first night and 3 the second night !

  3. Ummm honey……I threw away a double bottle before you came into the kitchen……


    I love you!

  4. Kicky

    Thanks, honey. I LOVE your picture. *smile*

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