Officially Ready For Spring!


I know, I know……..I have absolutely no right to complain about the cold weather we are having.  Especially since I complained about how hot it was all summer.  Especially since we don’t have to shovel any snow.   I know………..

But seriously, it is cold out there! 

All three cats tried to be in bed with us last night. I told Edward that if this keeps up we needed to get a bigger bed.  Lol!  It was pretty crowded!

There are things about the cold weather that we like however.  It’s nice to be able to wear jeans, boots and sweaters since that happens rarely.  It’s nice to be able to turn on the oven without the house feeling like a sauna.  I love snuggling under blankets with my baby at night.  It’s a really neat change of pace to not run the AC in the house or the car!

Yesterday I did my walk outside and while it was cold it actually felt great for the walk.  3.3 miles!  I started with my hoodie up and gloves on and by the end the gloves were off and the hoodie down.   I’m sure I will pray for some of these days once the hot weather arrives.  

Today I get to spend at home waiting for the internet repair man…..AGAIN.  We have had AT&T internet for three years now and never had trouble with them.  The last six months is another story.  Our internet has been in and out since Sunday morning.  My second call to tech support yesterday told me that they are ‘upgrading lines’ or some such thing but I want my internet to work.  Jeepers they were just out here in August or September……argh. 

So to pass the time I am putting a turkey in the oven to roast.  Yummy!  We will get several meals out of that in the coming days.  I’ve been promised a call when they are on their way so I’m still hoping to get my walk in.  (Even though they say we may have drizzle)

Honestly, I can’t think of a better day to spend wrapped up in a blanket on the sofa.  🙂

Have a good Tuesday!

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