Oh boy is it cold outside this morning!  The wind is just howling and the only thing that sounds good is staying in bed under some covers. We even turned on the big heater this morning.   Thankfully we aren’t getting any snow or ice but it’s still cold.  Looks like the exercise today will be a DVD inside.

Last night was a hectic evening at our house.  Edward decided to invite all of the kids over to the house for beef stew.  Derrick, his son who is in the Navy, and his wife Amanda are home on leave  so he thought it would be fun.

This was the first time we have had everyone here all at one time.  Edward was in charge of the cooking and he made ‘Sparky Stew’.  I baked some homemade bread and a pan of fantastic brownies.  Even the grandkids ate a bunch.   Dinner was delicious!

It was a fun evening and it looks like only one person came out of the evening with a black eye or two…….lol.  Emilio tripped and hit the corner of the coffee table right between his eyes…..Ouch!  We iced it up but it was a big knot almost instantly. 

Lilly wanted to help wash the pots and pans after dinner (of course) so I ended up with water all over the kitchen and she was a wet mess.  But she had  fun.    Vanessa had a doctor’s appointment yesterday and he told her that the baby could come anytime now.  Her estimated due date is between January 20 and February 20th.  She is hoping that the baby comes out SOON!!!! 

It is always fun when we get to spend time with the family but we were worn out after they left.  I fell into bed and didn’t hear a thing until the alarm went off this morning. 

I really, really, really don’t want to do anything today……it’s toooo cold.  But there is stuff to get done.  Dinner tonight will be leftover Sparky Stew so at least I won’t have to cook dinner. 

Stay warm and have a great Tuesday!

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One thought on “B….B….B…..Brrrrrrrrr!!!!!!

  1. Kicky

    Please stop pretending it is cold. I know this is just a joke. It will be so warm when I get there!


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