Roadtripping On A Monday

Happy Tuesday!

Yesterday morning Edward and I ran a bunch of errands around town, got his new IPhone activated and then took Rachel on a roadtrip to San Antonio.

Rachel had never been to the Riverwalk and we thought she might enjoy seeing all of the lights and people.  Boy, was it busy down there!  We had forgotten about the Alamo Bowl going on this week so there were tons of tourists.  Both the Arizona and Oklahoma teams and their bands were there for a big pep rally.  It was a lot of fun with lots of music and excitement.

We had a lovely Italian dinner along the river and the weather was great.  We wisely decided to eat just as it was getting dark to beat the crowds a little bit.

After dinner we walked around a little and then finished up the evening with a riverboat cruise.

Oh and ice cream…….Rachel wanted ice cream.  We had a very fun day together.  Actually, this entire trip has been fun with Rachel!  I’m thankful that my vacation time kick in in time for me to spend time at home with her.

This morning she is off to spend time with some local friends and tomorrow afternoon she will fly back home.  😦

I’m off with my honey to spend some quality alone time together while Rachel is at the movies.  Have a good one!

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