God Bless Us Everyone!



Remember, this December, that love weighs more than gold.
Josephine Dodge Daskam Bacon 



What a wonderful Christmas weekend we had!

Friday evening started at Christmas Eve candlelight service at Galilean Lutheran Church.  It was a nice service (and who doesn’t love a pastor who fits “You’ll shoot your eye out” into the homily!) with communion and candles.  It was very relaxing and a good way to focus on what Christmas is all about.  We also enjoyed looking at all the Christmas lights on the way there and back.

After Church we came home and took a few pictures before making calzones for a late dinner.   I love the feeling in the air on Christmas Eve.  The whole world seems to slow down and is more peaceful.  A Christmas Story was on tv and I opened a bottle of wine.  Christmas Eve was delightful and then we were off to bed to wait for Santa to arrive.

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Christmas Day dawned clear, sunny and cold!  Santa was very, very good to all of us and we had fun opening gifts together.  Edward was surprised with his IPhone and Rachel was thrilled with her Kindle.  The cats were so funny as they tried to figure out how to get to the catnip in their stockings.  MommaCat was even taking balls of wrapping paper and carrying it around the house. 

After that I made breakfast of tamales, pancakes & bacon…..yummy!!!  The ham went into the oven and we spent some quiet time together until dinner was ready.

The ham we made for dinner was delicious and I found a new favorite fruit salad recipe. We got to break in our ‘new’ table and chairs so we had plenty of room for all the goodies.

After dinner it was time to see Edward’s dad and the rest of the family there.  I got to hold Lilly’s new puppy…Chi Chi Girl, what a little tiny sweetheart.  (And no they certainly don’t need another dog but it is still cute)  Lots of family over there.  In our own Christmas miracle Ed’s dad actually came up and said hello to me.   We didn’t stay terribly long because Rachel was at home waiting for us (We thought that visit might be a little overwhelming for her).

Edward and Little Edward turning our living room into a war zone with the nurf guns. Bullets were flying everywhere!

Once we got home Edward, Rosie and the boys came over to exchange gifts. Our gift to Little Edward was a huge Nerf gun……..as soon as the gifts were opened the boys turned our living room into some kind of a war zone with bullets flying everywhere!  Even Edward got into the act.  It was sooooo much fun.  Emilio loved the VTech reader we got him and he sat reading it on the floor with me while bullets flew all around us.

Patsy asked is we could exchange gifts at her house this year because there was so much to transport so we headed over there around 6:30 for the final gift exchange extravaganza. Lilly was sound asleep on the couch when we came in but as soon as someone mentioned gifts she woke right up.  It was crazy with paper flying everywhere and a ton of excitement.   Rachel held the tiny exhausted puppy and Emilio wanted to pose for me with every gift he opened.  There was so much activity and commotion that I didn’t even get to see everything get opened.

Emilio wanted to pose for me with each gift


Finally it was time to come home to our nice quiet home…..happy and tired with many great memories of Christmas 2010.  We have managed to forge our very own special ‘modern family’ and are thankful for it every day.

Now we are off to San Antonio for the day with Rachel.  I love vacation time!

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