Merry Christmas Eve Eve!

This December,
That love weighs more than gold!
~Josephine Dodge Daskam Bacon

It is another foggy damp morning here in South Texas.  Not exactly traditional Christmas weather but there is a cold front coming in tomorrow that will make Christmas feel like Christmas!

Rachel arrived last night.  Her flight from Houston was about 45 minutes late so by the time we got her luggage and had dinner it was almost midnight. Ordering a meal that late at Applebee’s sure wasn’t’ fun….they were out of almost everthing that could be made vegetarian.   At this moment she is still sound asleep in the guest room.  It’s always strange when we have guests in the house……remembering to close doors and not make a lot of noise is the morning.

Edward’s son Derrick also arrived safely back in home port yesterday morning.  He and his wife will visit Texas sometime around New Years.

I have to do some work today but will be home early. Rachel and I have to finish baking cookies, make chocolate dipped pretzels and buttermilk pies.  Also on the all important ‘to do’ list is reviewing the grocery lists and making sure that we have everything we need for the next couple of days.

Yesterday afternoon I put the Christmas gifts for the cats into their stockings.  I failed to anticipate how sensative they are to the smell of catnip……lol.  All three were walking around the fireplace trying to figure out where the smell was and how to get to it.  If they could have put together a pyramid to get into the stockings I think they would have.  As always, they are an endless source of enjoyment for us.

Well that is about it.  We plan to spend our Christmas quietly at home with all of the people that we love.  We are blessed.

Have a wonderful holiday!!!!

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