It’s A Birthday Thursday!


A big happy birthday to Little Edward who is celebrating his 6th birthday today.  He is such a big boy!!!

Now for some Christmas randomness:

I was out yesterday doing some shopping for work and ran across a couple of items that made me go Hmmmmmm.  The first item was this:

It is a blend of red wine with chocolate.  Obviously this is a desert wine!  Since I don’t drink red wine I can’t decide if the chocolate would improve the experience for me or not.

The second was even more interesting………..

Thats right folks, a chocolate bar with bacon in it.  Now, who doesn’t love chocolate?  And who doesn’t love bacon?  Put them together and it must be………….well, I’m not sure what it must be.  I’m torn between intrigued and disgusted.

Additionally I don’t need anything else chocolate dipped that I like. (I’m still kicking myself for trying the Cherry Kisses)

Lets just say I didn’t purchase either of these items!

So today is finally Thursday and I couldn’t be happier.  Edward and I have the whole evening to ourselves and I intend to make the most of it.

Enjoy your Thursday!

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