This has been a terribly long week.  It doesn’t help that I am still shaking off the crud and can’t eat and I’m sleepy all the time either.  Every day I feel a bit better but I’m not at 100% yet…..soon though.  I even drank a diet soda last night, the first one in almost two weeks!!!!!!!!

But I found out last night that we get to have a GTG with our bestest Wisconsin friend in January!!!  We are thrilled and can’t wait.  Maybe I should start deciding what to wear right now!!!!  Note to self:  Buy c0okies for eating in bed together!

Ok back to the day at hand:  My honey finished putting up the outdoor Christmas lights yesterday and surprised me when I got home last night (late from work I might add) they looked wonderful!!!!!

I actually feel a little nervous about the Christmas shopping. I have made my lists and checked them twice and I don’t have that much more to buy……and that makes me nervous because I don’t think I have spent enough money!  I have Edwards gift already…..(He’s going to love it……shhhhhhh!).  I even have a gift for the new baby.   I’m just sure that at the last second I will think of someone important that we haven’t even thought about.  Really all that is left is a couple of gift cards and a few more stocking stuffersl.  I do hope to fit in a little mall looking this weekend though.

 It’s going to be another long one today so I’d better get moving.  Have a great Thursday!

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