The First Package Has Been Wrapped!

Giant round of applause!!!!!!!!

I took this picture 30 seconds before Spooky found it.  Sigh………

It's almost impossible to get a picture of a black cat....she's like a vampire!

We were just commenting tonight how happy we were that Spooky isn’t messing with the tree either.  It’s great having three cats who pretty much ignore the tree. The only thing Spooky did with the tree was curl up under it and take naps.

 Sadly, we forgot about Spooky’s love for all things paper and shredding them. Paper, kleenex, paper plates, tissue paper….you name it …..she will tear it apart.

Guess she thought it was for her!  It will be interesting to see if we can put anything under the tree. 

I got a phne call from my daughter last night telling me that if a package got delivered here that I wasn’t expecting I shouldn’t open it.  I guess I have a gift coming!!

We also got the lights up the outside of the house put up last evening.  It was chilly but it is finished.  Edward did an awesome job as usual.  I gave him a big bowl of caldo and tortillas to warm up with afterwards.  I even make one of his favorite cakes for desert.  My throat still isn’t letting me eat sweets so I’m not at all tempted.  🙂

Well I’m off to another fun filled day.   In two weeks my daughter arrives and Christmas can begin.  Have a great Tuesday!

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One thought on “The First Package Has Been Wrapped!

  1. Kicky

    Straining to see if my name is on that gift tag 😉

    Glad you are feeling better and Rachel is soon to be there.

    Tell Ed I have multicolored lights, too.

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