The Best Laid Plans

So what am I doing today?

The same thing I have done every day since Sunday.  I am laying on the sofa being sick.  My doctor has called in a perscription for a numbing wash for my throat but the otc Cloraseptic seems to work better.  I am on my second full bottle.  I don’t think we have ever used a whole bottle of Cloraseptic in my life!!!  But it does help momentarily.

On Tuesday I didn’t shower until 4 pm and didn’t blow dry my hair.  Yesterday I showered in the  morning but didn’t dry my hair.  Today I actually showered in the morning and did my hair!  Edward even said that I slept better last night so maybe we have finally finally turned the corner. (Every day I say that I have to start feeling better but today it might just be true.)

I tried to go to work but our Clinical Manager took one look at me and threw me out.  She said no one there wants to be sick and the patients I talk to certainly don’t need to be sick.  Guess I will give it another try tomorrow.

I think we are going to postpone our weekend getaway until next weekend though to make sure that I’m all better.  I’m disappointed but understand that it will be for the best.  We can get out Christmas tree up and do some Christmas stuff around town.  As consolation Edward promised we could even spend an extra night away so I guess that helps.

Edward was so sweet and went to the store for me yesterday to get soup and came home with pudding, jello, soups, ice cream & popsicles.  I haven’t been able to eat for days and I really appreciate his efforts.  So far carmel pudding and popsicles seems to be the only things that doesn’t burn. (But chocolate pudding does. Interesting)

Also….there is NOTHING entertaining on daytime television.

So that’s about it for today……probably time for another nap!! 🙂

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One thought on “The Best Laid Plans

  1. Kicky

    You poor dear. Is it strep?? I posted to you the other night, but you must have been gone. HUGS

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