God Bless Antibiotics

I hate going to the doctor.  I really do.  Yes, I understand that this doesn’t make a lot of sense considering the line of work I am in but I really, really hate going.  On the other hand I hate being sick more.

After struggling all weekend and seriously considering the benefits of dying I bit the bullet and went yesterday.  Work threw me out of the office as soon as possible and told me not to return until I was healthy.  My personal physician is also our medical director which makes things interesting.  He isn’t sure if it is strep or a virus (and the test results won’t be back until later today) but we are treating it like it is strep.  I went home with a nice prescription for antibiotics and a note to not work for a couple of days.

The only problem is I have a luncheon scheduled out of town today that has been on the calendar for weeks………..sooooo  I think I will go and do that and then come right back home for more rest.  Sure wish it were closer than an hour drive away. I also wish I felt better than I do.

Edward has been sweet and taking care of me so nicely.  Even though I have slept in the guest room at night so he can get a little sleep he snuggles with me on the sofa at night.  I do hope he doesn’t come down with this because my throat is just raw!

We went back to Weight Watchers on Sunday and got all of the details on the new plan and so far we really enjoy it.  Both of us ended yesterday with points left so I need to do some tweeking on the menu plans. (but probably not much until I am all healthy).  On the upside its pretty easy following the points because it hurts too much to swallow!  Yesterday I only managed to gag down a cup of soup and some King Ranch Chicken for dinner. 

We have a lot to learn about the points values for this revised plan and I’m sure that will keep me busy for a bit.  Even though we both got more points it was still a shock to see tortillas jump from 3 to 4.  😦

Well, I’m climbing back into bed until I have to leave.  Have a good Tuesday.

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