Giving Thanks

I hope that your Thanksgiving holiday was full of love, fun and blessings!

We had a great day that flew by in a flash.  We watched lots of movies, loads of football and had plenty of turkey and all the trimmings.  It was a wonderful day but by the end of I was “Godfather”ered, Footballed and Turkeyed out.

In the evening Vanessa, David, Lilly and Zach came by (and brought more pie!) and watched the end of the Texas/Texas A&M game with us.  Lilly was on a tear as usual.  Rascal knew there was a cold front coming so he was staying close to home and that meant he had to interact with her a lot.  It was funny to watch them play.

Lilly announced that when the new baby came I was going to quit my job and take care of her and the baby…….lol.  I asked if it would be ok if I took care of them in a tent because that would be all we could afford if I quit work.  It makes me smile though that she enjoys spending time with me.

The expected cold front came through while everyone was here so now it feels like Christmas out there!  I have to work for a few minutes this morning (put in an appearance and then head back home) but I get to wear jeans and boots.  (and my wool coat!)  The cats are snuggled in sleeping snug as bugs in the rug.  

 This afternoon we will be dragging out all the Christmas decorations and getting the house ready for the holidays.   I love how the place looks once it is decorated but getting it done is quite a project. I did decorate the bathroom yesterday so at least one room is done.

Well I’m bundling up and heading out the door to brave the traffic by the mall.  Have a great Black Friday!!!!

PS:  Well I made it too the office, the grocery store and back home by 9:15.  I’m settled in with my honey and wearing my nice warm sweats.  Ahhhhh………life is good!

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