Tis’ The Season

Lilly last Christmas helping open everyone elses gifts.....lol

The Christmas spirit has caught up with me.  I’m listening to Christmas music in the car and preparations for this year are in full swing. A few gifts have even been purchased!!!!  Rachel will be home this year which makes it even more special.

Last year during the decorating we decided that the bathroom felt rather bare compared to the rest of the house and there wasn’t time to do much about it.  So this year I started looking for bathroom accesories and I found an adorable bathroom shower set.

So the bathroom will be decorated in a snowman/snowflake theme and I’m really excited about putting it all up!  I still have a few accent towels to buy but that will be a quick trip to Wal-Mart.

When Rachel was little she always has a small Christmas tree in her bedroom.  The tradition was started by my sister because my niece Samantha was always an insanely early riser.  So Santa would leave a small gift under the tree (Like a video or dvd) to occupy her until a more reasonable time of the morning.  When I was shopping earlier this evening I found a small pre-lit tree and picked it up for the guest room.  She probably won’t get a ‘little’ gift under it but it makes the room feel Christmasey.

And yes, I already set it up and turned it on.

And yes, Edward will totally roll his eyes when he gets home and sees it. 🙂

I love Christmas and I know my honey can’t wait until it’s time to come home in the evening and “Christmas”!!!!

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