Another Tuesday…………


Welcome to Tuesday!

Yesterday was a long day at work and topped off with a visit from Edward, Rosie and the boys.  Little Edward made us a special gift that he wanted to drop off.  It celebrates his teeball team championship and he colored it all himself!  It is adorable and sitting proudly on the mantel.

My oh my those boys were on a tear last night.  I had forgotten how noisy two boys running around the house could be! They scared all of the cats half to death.  Rascal made a dash for the front door, Spooky hid under the bed and didn’t come out for hours and even MommaCat tried to hide.  They played with the cars we have for them here, chased each other around with the croquet mallets as weapons and in general had a lot of fun.  Emilio had a ton of fun with Rascal’s bird….something Rascal wasn’t happy about.

Rosie approved of the gift we are getting Emilio for Christmas.  She said he loves books.  We still haven’t decided about what to get Little Edward but there is time.

It was nice to spend some time with them. 

That is about it for this morning.  Well I suppose I should get started on this day.  Have a great one!


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