Welcome Back To Standard Time & Monday

“So dull and dark are the November days.
The lazy mist high up the evening curled,
And now the morn quite hides in smoke and haze;
The place we occupy seems all the world.”
–   John Clare, November

Welcome back to Monday!  We had a really pleasant weekend with no plans with anyone but the two of us….outside of work.  It was great to have Friday, Saturday and Sunday evenings to ourselves.

Friday night we had an errand to run that took us quite a ways out of town.  We ended up having some fun shopping at Walmart and a late dinner out.  Ed even got to play good samartin helping a carload of teenage boys who were driving like idiots in the parking lot and got themselves high centered on a median. 

Saturday was such a beautiful day here in South Texas.  There was no humidity and while it was cool the sun was warm.  Perfect!!!

  There were five places I was supposed to be at over the course of the day and I made it to two and a half of them.  I begged off the “Walk For Memory” to benefit the Alzheimers Association and the City Health Fair so I could be at CCYFL for at least half of the day. 

Edward had his youngest son referee games at CCYFL for the first time.  I saw Zach before the games while Edward was giving him officiating 101 lessons and he looked sooooooo nervous.  Afterwards he said it was ‘ok’ and the only bad part was the coaches always thinking that ‘they were right’.  Lol amazing how your opinion changes when you aren’t the ones playing the game. 

And yes, I snapped off one quick picture to memorialize the ocassion.After I left CCYFL earlye I came home to get cleaned up and then ran to Sams Club to pick up at cake for the reception following our Hospice Memorial service.  I had nightmares about dropping this huge sheet cake but it made it to the church without incident.

 It was an emotional evening seeing the families who came to remember their loved ones.  I was surprised at the number of names that I knew in the short amount of time I have been there.

Then it was home for an evening of chinese food and a bottle of wine and relaxinggggggggggggg!  It was very nice to snuggle in with my honey after a long, long week. 

It felt so nice to get that extra hour of sleep.  We slept in Sunday morning and still had lots of time to have breakfast before Ed headed off to the store.  While he worked I did loads and loads of laundry (not sure where it all came from), baked banana bread and homemade spaghetti sauce……yummy!

While I love the extra hour of sleep I am not thrilled about it getting dark before 6 pm…..sigh.

  But it shows that the holidays are right around the corner.  I even watched “A Christmas Story” for the first time this season on Sunday afternoon.  Sunday morning Edward and I wrote up the list of everyone we have to buy gifts for that determined that I was in charge of the ‘girls’ and he was in charge of the ‘boys’.  In that spirit I ordered Rachel’s Kindle and Lilly’s VTech Reader in pink (It’s like a baby Kindle…….very cool!).  Now just to figure out what everyone else is getting……we have quite a long list of people to buy for this year. 

I still don’t know where this year has gone………it has flown by in a flash.  Two and a half weeks until Thanksgiving and then less than a month until Rachel is home for Christmas!  I can’t wait!

Have a great week!

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One thought on “Welcome Back To Standard Time & Monday

  1. Kicky

    Did you want my gift list via email? 😉

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