Loving The Chilly Weather

We are relishing the chilly temperatures yesterday and again today.  There is nary a cloud in site and the sky is the most lovely shade of blue.   It is such a nice change to wear sweaters to work and have windows open and still need a blanket in the evenings! 

Now it would be nice if the wind would let up a little bit.  The truck was being blown all over the road this morning on my way to the office and our fall flags & flowers are taking a beating.  The weatherman says the winds should start to die off this afternoon.  I sure hope so or it will be miserable at the football game tonight.

When we got home from work last night we had leftover caldo from dinner the night before and it tasted even better then it did the first day.  Soup is usually like that.  We also had a glass of wine to help us relax a little while spending time together.  It was a pleasant evening.  The cats were not terribly interested in being out in the cold and Spooky wanted to play catch for a long time.  MommaCat just watches in amusement as she chases the ball and brings it back so we can throw it again. 

Edward had to leave for work a it early this morning and called to tell me to go outside and look at the moon.  It was still rising in the east just a head of the sun and you could see the whole moon with just a sliver lit up.  My picture doesn’t do it justice…….. it really was lovely.

Tonight is the last King regular season football game and our first on the new astroturf at Cabannis field. It’s homecoming this week so an important game.   I have my sweater,  hoodie, gloves and blankets all ready to go and they are going to be needed.  It is amazing how the weather has changed from the early weeks of the season when it was so hot.   Maybe we should slip a hot toddy in with us……lol.

At least tomorrow is Friday!  Have a good day.

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