Weekend Wrapup

I guess the verdict is in.  It wasn’t allergies bothering me all last week but instead my traditional November cold arriving early.  By Friday it had morphed into laryngitis. I can’t tell you the last time I lost my voice like this.  By Sunday my voice was a little better but I developed a cough.  Yuck!  I was not happy about not feeling well for the first day when we had nothing on the calendar since October 3rd.  Sighhhhhhhhhhh.  But we still had a nice weekend even if I wasn’t feeling great.

Friday night started at Buc Stadium watching King take on San Antonio Highlands.  It was parents night for King as well where they introduce all the players and their parents so it was a full house.

It was another lovely evening of football (especially the moon rising over the stadium) and Zach played an excellent game.  He came sooooooo close to scoring a TD on a Highlands fumble.  King easily won and we had a blast with Mark & Kristina.  Edward left our jackets in the car so by the end Kristina and I were huddled together for warmth from the breeze.

Zach and Edward after the game

After the game we went to Brewster Street.  The Moody class of 1975 was having their pre-reunion party there and invited the 1974 class to join them.  Leson #1:  It’s a bad idea to show up at a Moody reunion in your King gear even if you did come directly from the game……lol.  Cruise Control was playing so the music was great!  We danced a lot and I met even more of Edwards classmates. We had a lot of fun chatting with everyone.

Can you find us?


Saturday morning we headed out to CCYFL.  All I will say about that day was that I was horrified by the behavior of some so-called ‘adults’.  It is even more terrible that this happened in front of children.   I wish we could use the excuse that there was a full moon on Saturday night instead of that people are just morons.  I’m still shaking my head.  Here is hoping things are back to normal this next week.

After cleaning up we went to watch Roller Derby with a bunch of friends.  We had never gone before and only very limited knowledge of the game so we weren’t sure what to expect.  It was fun!  (Although Edward said he wasn’t sure we were white trash enough for the crowd lol!) Lots of action and hits and girls.  We really had fun watching and learning about the ‘sport’.  I was especially fond of the sign on the wall that said…..”the more you drink the more fun we are”! 

Then it was home to spend some quality time together on sofas relaxing!!!!!!!  Ahhhhhhhhhhh!!!!  Mark & Kristina said we were lite weights but we were really just tired.  Especially after the highly charged day we had. 

Sunday morning was eagerly anticipated as a day with nothing on the schedule.  We stayed in bed as late as we could and then had a leisurely breakfast.  We turned on movies and relaxed.  Eventually I went to the grocery store and came home to bake Edward chocolate chip cookies as he had requested.  I made 6 dozen while he cut the back yard. 

Then it was back to the sofa to watch more movies.    Together.   And it was mahhhh-va-los!!!!

In other news I got a new rug for the living room!  Yeah!

I hated the plain red one we had passionately because if there was a single speck of dirt on it you could see it.  I had to vacuum that thing multiple times daily to make it look nice.  And I didn’t get it vacuumed multiple times every day so it generally looked bad–at least in my opinion.

Edward tried to dissuade me from buying a new rug and waiting until after Christmas. I listened to what he had to say and then he went out-of-town and came home to a new rug in the living room.  Huh, guess the Great Pumpkin delivered it.  😉  But he really likes it now.

I think that about covers our weekend. We spent lots of time together, with friends and having fun.   This week will be another busy one for us but in the meantime we are planning camping trips and road trips for December. I can’t wait.

Have  a good Monday!

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