Happy Friday To All

This has felt like one of the longest weeks in history but it is finally almost over!!

I’m not sure if it is fall allergies or an early fall cold but I have felt fairly miserable since Tuesday.  Throbbing headache, congested sinus, sore throat and aching muscles have all combined to make me feel crappy.  I’ve squeezed in naps when ever possible and have chugged Nyquil at night by the gallon. I even broke out the netti pot.   Hopefully I have turned the corner and am on the road to recovery.

Tonight King plays football at Buc Stadium and we are thankful that we are not roadtripping to San Antonio again! It’s parents night so Edward has to be there early.  I will come a little later with some friends of ours who are going to the game with us.  Should be a fun night! 

I’m sure there will be some cocktails after we finish at the football field. 😉

Tomorrow is CCYFL all day so I know we will be tired when it is over.  Only another 3 weeks of this schedule and it will let up…….I might just make it through!

Sunday is the first day off together that Edward and I have had in three weeks.  I know we are both looking forward to it!  Our plans include sleeping in late, have a leisurely breakfast and not doing much else.  Lilly may come over to spend some time with us but that is about it. 

I’m out the door to get started on the day.  The sooner I start the sooner it will get finished!!    Have a good weekend!

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