Workin’ For The Weekend

Yesterday morning I was supposed to take Lilly to day care again. When I got to the house to pick her up it was clear that she was not in a good humor.  She was crying that she didn’t want to go to school and that she wanted to stay with her mommy.

We got her into the car and started down the road with Lilly kicking my seat (I had forgotten how annoying that was) and crying “I want my mommy!” the entire way.  Until she stopped crying. 

And threw up all over herself and the car.

In the middle of traffic.

Amazing how you forget how much fun being a Mom can be at time like this……lol.

So I finally got pulled over, found her a wet wipe or two and headed with her back home. 

I took her back to the house and dropped her off with her Mom and Grandma.  When I left they were taking her to the shower to get cleaned up.

I talked to Vanessa last night and she said when Lilly got out of the shower she wanted to know where Amy was.  Then the cries of “I want my Mommy” changed to “I want Amy!”.  Poor thing…..hopefully she is feeling better today.  I told Vanessa that maybe Lilly could come over on Sunday and we could bake cookies.  She thought that was a good idea.

So after a fairly crappy start to the day I headed to work and ran like a crazy woman all day.  It was insane! 

Here is hoping today will be a better one!

At least the sunrise yesterday morning was nice!

At long last tomorrow is FRIDAY!!!!

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2 thoughts on “Workin’ For The Weekend

  1. Kicky

    Really glad you didn’t have a picture of the puke. Hope Lilly is better already. TGIF almost!

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