♪♪♪♪Monday, Monday Nah Nah Nah NahNah Nah♪♪♪♪

Another amazing Texas sunset

So it’s already time to head back to work.  Blah……and boo!

Friday night we went to watch King take on San South in San Antonio.  The weather was perfect and it was a fabulous game.  Zach played a really awesome game and in the end Kind was victorious!

One of the many uncalled holds on Friday night

We stopped for a quick bite to eat on the way home and finally arrived about 2 am.  The cats had been outside and were very happy that they could get back into the house!

Saturday morning the alarm went off waaaaay too early.  Edward and I both felt almost hung over from lack of sleep and I was in a very grumpy mood.  This could be evidenced by me almost choking the clerk at Stripes when they took a ridiculous amount of time making our breakfast tacos on the way to football.  My mood didn’t improve dramatically most of the day which made me short tempered and a bit more bossy than usual.

After football my honey and I went home to shower and have a much needed glass of wine before dinner.  This helped my mood quite a bit.  Then we went to the island to eat at Skuttlebutts a relatively new bar/restaurant.  That place sure was hopping!

Another pretty sunset on the way to dinner Saturday night

It felt good to finally sit down to a meal and relax just the two of us.  The schedule has been insane and it’s really wearing on me.  Too many balls to keep in the air and not enough hands to do it. 

I wish I could say we went out and had a fun time on Saturday evening but the truth is we came home and went pretty much directly to bed.  We did snuggle all night which was nice and we also needed to get some sleep so it was the best choice for the evening.  We got to sleep in on Sunday morning and we both felt much much better when we got up.

We spent some quality time together and had a delicious breakfast before starting on the day.  Edward had to work (have I mentioned how unhappy I am with this schedule?) and I spent the afternoon catching up the laundry and cleaning up the house.  Not a lot of fun but very necessary and clean sheets on the bed are wonderful!

After Edward finished work he rushed home to pick me up and we went to the water to watch the sunset with a bottle of wine.  It was a nice sunset and a relaxing end to a busy weekend.

We came home to a dinner of pot roast and I booked my daughter’s flight down for Christmas.  We are excited to have her visit!  It will be a great Christmas!

Three great nights and three great sunsets

So the weekend flew by………and it’s time to start another work week.  Next weekend will be a but quieter, at least we don’t have to drive to San Antonio because King plays at home!  Plus we get next Sunday off together.  Woohoooooo!!!!

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