Thank God It’s Almost Friday

It is a great feeling to go to bed knowing who matters and who doesn’t

Yesterday was such a lovely day outside.  I got to take a few minutes and swing by the beach and I was so envious of the people spending the day there.  The seaweed was gone, the water was flat and the sun was warm.  I’m needing a beach day!!!!

When I got home from work MommaCat was instantly there playing with the tie on my dress.  She ♥loves♥ to play with them.  She pulls and when she lets go the string bounces back.  She is so funny!  If I leave the dress on the bed unattended I will find it in the hallway because she drags it out of the room while she plays with it.

Spooky is going to be very unhappy in a few days when we restrict her from going outside.  She is all black and we just don’t feel safe having her outside after dark.  She can go out during the day when we  are home but that’s about it.

After football was finished it was finally time to go home and snuggle with my honey.  We just don’t have enough time together this time of year so every minute is cherished.

I have a presentation in Refugio this afternoon ( a presentation that I haven’t begun to write yet and will probably wing) and I have a new employee riding with me as well.  (oh yippie……….sigh)  Maybe the new guy will be willing to drive so I can take a nap…..haha!

Almost Friday!  We can make it!

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