There Was A Weekend?


Friday Nights in Texas

Oh my what a “weekend” it was……….

We started Friday evening driving to San Antonio to watch King take on San Antonio East Central.  King lost badly but Zach played a pretty decent game.  They tried hard but were outmatched in almost every way.  It also didn’t help when the King quarterback was injured at the start of the third quarter.  At least the weather was nice and pleasant and the sunset was very pretty.  (Oh and this stadium had fresh made kettle korn that was really tasty!)

We sat with Vanessa and Patsy so I took the opportunity to ask what Lilly wanted for her birthday. The party is fast approaching.  Apparently Lilly wants a ‘Jumpaline” (aka trampoline) for her birthday……lol!  She also wants everyone to wear costumes to her party.  Preferably bumble bee costumes.  Lol.  I’m still leaning toward getting her an American Girl baby doll but I might be over ruled. (Some nonsense about how she doesn’t need any more dolls or something)

Note the umpire laying on the ground in the lower right. He was down for a bit.......

After the game we made a quick stop for dinner and then headed home.  On the way we watch the movie “The Backup Plan” which was cute.  We arrived home about 1:30 am and crashed.  Crashed hard!

Saturday morning arrived all too early.  We stayed in bed as late as we could and got to CCYFL at the last possible moment.  Saturday was spent running around being busy. After football finished we moved next door to watch the end of Little Edward’s baseball game.  On Sunday his team won the championships!

 Usually we go out for dinner Saturday night but after we got home and sat down it was quickly determined that we would much rather have an evening at home.  So I ordered chinese food, opened a bottle of wine and we relaxed.  We hadn’t had an evening at home for a long time and it was niiiiiiiiiice.

Sunday morning we even had time to relax a little bit over breakfast before Ed had to be at the store and I had to be at the American Bank Center for Best Of The Best.  I complained about having to go a lot.  (A whole lot) but I do always enjoy it.  Interacting with people in that environment is fun. 

I had enough time after my shift finished to go home and change before picking up Edward for dinner.  We met at Executive Surf club and watched  the disappointing end of the Cowboy game.

We wrapped up Sunday night at home snuggled on the sofa watching Natgeo. Keith & Susan had asked us to get together but we were just too tired to do anything extra.   This next week will be a carbon copy of the last one with the exception that I don’t have to work on Sunday.  Sigh…… a month or so things will get better and we will have the time to get away at long, long last. 

At least I really hope so.

Today we are back at our real jobs with football again tonight. So happy Monday to all!

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