Here Come The Sun!!!

Here Comes The Sun

Here Comes The Sun

And I Say, It’s All Right!!!

The rain has (for the most part) has stopped!!!  There is happy dancing all around!!!  At our house we received over 9″ of rain which is the most rain I have seen.   Now, I love the rain and rain on the weekends when I can stay home and snuggle with my honey is wonderful but honestly…….enough was enough!

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In honor of the first day of fall tomorrow last evening I started swapping out the summer fragrance and decorations for the fall ones.  The apple cider potpouri is in the bowl, the apple cider scent is in the warmer and our bowl on the table has added pumpkins, squash and leaves to the bowl of apples.  It smells so nice and cozy in here!

I love fall!  The weather has been a bit cooler with the rain but it is heating up again quickly.

I won’t put out the outside fall/halloween decorations until the first weekend in October but I’m starting to get ready.  We might need to have Lilly over to help decorate like she did last year.  She had a lot of fun with our scarecrow that is named  ‘Serenity”.

Well I’m need to go wake Edward up 😉 and get started on another day.  Hope that you have a good one!

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One thought on “Here Come The Sun!!!

  1. Kicky

    Glad you are dry! Now we are starting to get the rain and even have a flood watch, which is really rare for us. Plus I am traveling to Madison to see K-red and Peeky. Do you want us to DD you??? ;D

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