Spending The Weekend With Karl

The remnants of Hurricane Karl that is……..

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The rain started late on Friday afternoon.  They closed my work at 3 pm and sent everyone home before the weather got too bad.  Then the rains began!  The start of  the King High School football game was delayed a half hour because of a very heavy cell in that area of town but by the time the game started rain has reduced to a drizzle and did eventually stop for a bit.  It was a nice night at the field although King lost badly to Victoria.

Zach played offense and defense this week.  Edward joked that the only thing he didn’t do was sell popcorn at half time!  Lol.

Saturday morning we woke up early to go to Weight Watchers and to go out to breakfast.  It was still raining and raining hard.  Little League football cancelled opening ceremonies so we didn’t have to be at the fields until noon so we had a few minutes to rest up. 

At the field the rain continued.  Everyone was soaked to the skin and kids were almost blue from the cold.  It was a miserable day for the fans watching but the kids had a lot of fun.  I (for one) was glad when the day was over and I could get off my feet!!!  My baby took me to dinner at Montana Mike’s and it was wonderful to sit down and have a couple of cocktails.

When we got up Sunday  morning there was 2 3/4″ of rain in the rain guage and shortly after 10 am the rain really picked up again.  By 1 pm we had 5″ and had to empty it and people all over town  are reporting flooding.  A rainy day is wonderful but I think all of us are ready for this rain to STOP!

One nice thing about this storm is that it has cooled temperatures.  For the first time since I can’t tell you when it is cooler outside than inside!  Yippie!  In honor of cooler weather I will make chili and cornbread for dinner tonight.  Mmmmm!

MommaCat and Spooky enjoying a rainy day

Since there is flooding out there I am very happy that we have no place that we need to go. If I were feeling adventerous I’d take a walk and see what I could see but I’m not feeling that adventerous….lol.  It’s the perfect day to spend at home with my baby, watch the Cowboys and be thankful for a nice dry home!

Enjoy your Sunday!

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