Drip, Drop, Drip

When the alarm went off this morning I could hear rain falling outside.  What a nice surprise!   I had to be at the office early this morning and during the drive in the sunrise was so pretty. 

 The skies are mostly clearing out and it is rapidly warming up.  I know that in the northern states fall is starting to make an appearance but we have seen no signs of it in South Texas yet.

Work has been extra busy this week.  On Friday they let one of the other marketers go so my territory exploded in size yesterday.  Actually there are only a few pockets of the city that I don’t cover….lol.  Plus now I have to drive out to Beeville and Three Rivers on ocassion.  Yuck!  Hopefully they will replace the position soon.

I finally found my hairbrush last night.  Lilly was styling my hair on Sunday (over and over again) and somehow the brush turned up MIA.  My hair looked really interesting yesterday so I was happy to have found it.  I’m seriously considering trying to grow my hair back into a short bob but we will see what happens in a few weeks when it starts to bug me. Lol!

Hummingbirds are back in droves now heading south for the winter.  They are draining the feeder at least weekly because when they arrive they are hungry.  It’s fun to watch them.  Sometimes the cats sit under the feeder trying to figure out how to get to them. 

I’m heading back out the door to try to make a dent on my calls for today.  Have a great Tuesday!

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