A Place To Sit Somewhere Near Water

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All you really need this time of year
Is a pair of shades and ice cold beer
And a place to sit somewhere near water

Edward and I are safely home……………..

We had a truely spectacular vacation.  The days flew by in a flash and before I knew it it was Thursday evening and time to start getting ready to come home.

When we arrived at Garner on Saturday morning we were greeted by this deer named “Jackie”.  We knew her name was Jackie because it was written on her collar.  She liked to hang around our campsite during the week, eating corn and laying under the trailer taking a nap.  She enjoys pets and sometimes gives kisses.

After Sunday morning all of the crowds left and we had the park almost to ourselves.  We had our pick of our favorite swimming holes every day and lots of privacy.  We enjoyed the privacy!  😉

We took golf clubs and balls this year and played several rounds of putt putt golf as a warm up to the “First Annual Garner Classic Putt Putt Championship Of The World” match that took place on Thursday morning.  It was a close, close match with the lead changing several times but at the end of the day I WON by two strokes!!!!!!!!  Next year the trophy is up for grabs again.

Each afternoon we took long leisurly naps and rested up for more river time.  Some afternoons we went to the waterfall swimming hole or the deeper quiet area where we could snorkle and look at the fish.  Some days we went to the area by the dam and floated in tubes.  We got lots of exercise swimming!

 In the evenings star watching was high on the agenda.  The moon came up late so it was beautiful looking at all the stars and the milky way.  One evening we pulled the chairs out to the meadow and just sat and looked at the sky for hours. 

The weater every day was sunny and HOT.  On Thursday evening we went into Leaky and had dinner at Mama Chole’s and when we came out we saw clouds starting to build off to the northwest.  We went back to camp and packed up as much of the outdoor stuff before it started to rain about 7 pm.

The weather had been so nice and hot that we didn’t mind the rain that much.  We woke up to rain on Friday morning but by the time we returned from breakfast it had stopped.  The cloud cover also helped keep things a bit cooler while we packed up to head home.

We had a great time this past week, away from it all spending some quality one on one time together.  We made the use of every second!  I can’t wait until we get to go back!

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