When You Are Lucky

When you are lucky enough to camp in Garner…..you are lucky enough!


We are finishing up the third day of our Garner vacation.  So far it has been wonderful!  The weather is hot and sunny…..perfect for spending afternoons in the river.  The sun has just set and Edward is relaxing next to me in the loungers enjoying a beer.  I have wine chilled and ready to go and am enjoying the peace and quiet.

Our dear friends Keith & Susan (aka “Scoops & Luby”  lol) joined us on Saturday and Sunday.  It was wonderful having them and we, as usual enjoyed lots of laughs and several cold beverages.  We grilled steaks and ate a fabulous guacamole salad that Keith made.  Susan made a delicious wonderful dessert that she generously left with us and we are still eating today!

 We are getting pretty good at riding our tandem bike too.  One area that causes a few issues is that Edward is left handed (hence left footed) and I am right handed.  That means we both want to lead off with different feet…..lol!  But we haven’t crashed yet!  Plus we are getting lots of good exercise.

Spending the afternoons in the river has been fabulous! The water is perfect and it is sooooo relaxing.  We sat in the rapids and scubad around looking at the fish.  Also good exercise!

We went to the Garner dance on Saturday night which was fun too.  All in all a wonderful weekend.  They hated to leave and invited us to join them on their Garner bike trip in October.  We may just do that!

So now it’s just Edward and me enjoying some one on one time!  Well, I’m back to my fun filled evening.  The wine is chilled and the movie ready to go!

Have a great night!

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