Trying To Take A Tuesday Nap……………

Both Edward and I got off work a bit early on Tuesday so when we got home we decided a nap would be a great idea! After all, what could be a more enjoyable end to the day than snuggled up with someone you love.

So, we tossed the cats out of the bedroom, closed the door and climbed into bed.

Wait……we need something light to cover up with or I will get cold.  So I go grab a sheet and climb back into bed.

Moments later someone gets a text message.  Check text message and decide to ignore.

Settle back into bed again and start to doze off.

Now MommaCat is banging at the bedroom door because she hates for it to be closed.  I open the door and chase Momma through the house until she hides behind the sofa so I can’t throw her outside. I swear she made nener nener faces at me from behind the safety of the sofa.

Leave bedroom door cracked and snuggle back into bed again.

Edwards phone rings…………………….good lord are we ever going to fall asleep?

He comes back to bed.

We doze off again. 

Edward’s alarm on his watch goes off. (Sweet Jesus this is getting almost funny)

Another email comes through.

Now I’m getting comfy and almost asleep.

MommaCat and Rascal are both in the bedroom making noise.  I manage to grab both of them and toss them in the front yard.

Edward’s alarm goes off again.


Finally I think we managed to get a few minutes sleep.  If nothing else we got lots of exercise getting in and out of bed!  🙂

And it’s a good thing we love these silly cats so much!

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