Seeing The Beauty In The Ordinary

Summer afternoon . . . summer afternoon – the two most beautiful
     words in the English language.
                                                                            – Henry James

One of the nice things (and frankly crappy things) is that I get to travel around the area and see different things.  Sometimes when I am driving around lost…..

Sidebar:  why is it that small towns seem to think that silly things like street signs aren’t really necessary because obviously is you are there you know where you are going.  Also, you know what streets (all of them) have massive potholes that want to eat your car.  Not to mention that GPS is often times wrong in these small towns sending you directly in the opposite direction of where you should be and making you lose your mind when you drive around a block (see….potholes and no street signs) for 15 minutes because that is where the map says the place you are looking for is when in fact is isn’t.  But I digress……

Where was I?  Oh… get so sometimes see things that while ordinary are pretty.  Yesterday I was in Premont TX.  For whatever reason Premont reminded me a little of my Mom’s hometown.  They have the required (at least in Texas) DQ, 12,000 police officers waiting for people to speed and loads of potholes.  But it was a nice day.  Across from the high school was this field full of hay bales.  It was lovely.

Today I am off to the Valley (don’t even ask me why because we aren’t really sure and quite frankly it is just going to be a long, wasted work day) meet the staff down there, sweat a lot and listen to our Executive Director give a talk at one of their hospitals.  <Shrug> But when the CEO says we go, we go.

I will try to see the beauty in the ordinary during this day.

There are some serious time constraints getting home so I can shower, freshen up and change in time for a Retierment Dinner for one of Edward’s co-workers.  It should be an interesting evening.

Well I’m out the door to get this day started.  Hope your day is enjoyable.

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