Happy Hot Hump Day

Sunset last night

Summertime in South Texas in August and it’s hot!  Yesterday seemed terribly oppressive for some reason.  Our cats go outside in the morning and I try to swing by the house around noon to let everyone back into the cool for the afternoon.  All of the cats recognize the truck and come running when they see it coming down the street.

“Big Ugly’ the old beat up tom cat in the neighborhood has been hanging around our house regularly.  We feel bad for him because he is so scarred up and getting skinny.  He isn’t long for this world but in the meantime we make sure he gets a meal or two a day.  Spooky has some odd affection for this old cat and doesn’t run him off.  In fact they like to hang around outside together.

Life has been busy this week again.  Between work and work we have hardly had a moment to relax.  Today I am driving down the Falfurius/Premont area (or as I like to call it ‘hell’) for a couple of visits before heading back home.  I’m not excited about it which may explain why I am writing this blog instead of driving already.  Tomorrow is supposed to be a trip to the Valley that I am going to try to get out of.  Edward and I have a retirement party for one of his co-workers tomorrow night and that will make the day pretty rushed.

Vacation can’t arrive soon enough for me!!!!!  This weekend I really hope to fit in a beach day as well.

Well, I guess I have delayed hitting the road long enough so I should get going.  Have a great day!

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